Sunflower Growing Guide

If you’re new to growing and unsure where to start then read our helpful grow guide for help and support. ​

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Sunflower Growing Guide

Picking the Right Variety
Look out for giant varieties such as Russian Giant and Tall Single.

Sowing, When & Where
Sow seed under glass in April, or directly outdoors in late April – June once the risk of frost has passed. Sow two seeds per peat pot about 1.5cm deep. Remove the weaker seedling as it grows and plant out the whole pot to avoid disturbing roots. Sunflowers need a sunny, sheltered position and do well in multi-purpose compost.

Deep Roots & Standing Tall
Tall plants need stabilising by tying to with long bamboo canes. Dig in plenty of organic matter or compost when planting out the young plant to encourage roots to grow deep.

Pecky Pests & Side Shoots
Slugs love young sunflower plants, so look out for signs of slug activity. Remove side shoots to encourage the plant to grow one tall flower.

Feeding & Watering
Water regularly as the plant grows, avoid letting the plant dry out! Add a high nitrogen feed until the flower head forms then feed with a more balanced feed.

Treat the Wildlife
Once the plant has gone to seed, collect some seeds to grow next year. Hang up the seed head for birds and squirrels to enjoy. 

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