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Elevate your pet’s experiences with our high-quality, performance-driven canine products. Our range includes durable toys and comfortable resting areas, meticulously designed to enhance your dog’s daily life. We invite you to reward your loyal canine companion with the premium care and stimulation they deserve.

Boost your dog’s health and happiness with our premium quality dog food products. Our offerings are carefully formulated to meet your pet’s nutritional requirements, delivering the taste they love and the nourishment they need. By choosing our products, you’re not just feeding your dog, but investing in their overall wellbeing.

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Head into your local Scotsdales store today to find the highest quality food and toys available to keep your canines happy and healthy. 

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The Carnilove dog wet food ranges comes in pouches and cans. The pouches contain 85% meat with pieces of wild origin meat and organs in pate. The range includes options for puppies and hypoallergenic diets. The cans contain 67% meat ingredients and can be a complete food or a complement to the dry food range.


Crafted to replicate a dog's ancestral diet, our grain free dog food has a high meat content, combined with sweet potato, herbs and botanicals. Naturally, all of our award-winning recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced meals.